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A utility model certificate is a protection document granted by the state. It guarantees its owner an exclusive right for commercial utilisation of a technical solution on a certain territory during a certain time period. Utility model protection lasts for four years as from filing a utility model application and may be extended upon a request of the utility model owner twice, each time by three years. Maximum duration of protection is 10 years.The utility model may give protection to a new technical solution that results from an inventive activity and is industrially applicable. A new product or equipment, new compound or mixture of compounds, new method of production of a known substance or its use for a new purpose are examples of a possible technical solution. Discoveries, scientific theories, mathematical methods, aesthetic creations, schemes, rules and methods of performance of intellectual activities, games or commercial activities, computer programs or mere imparting of information may not be considered technical solutions. Unlike in patents the industrial design cannot protect a method of production of chemical or pharmaceutical compounds or medicinal use of a compound.

Services provided:

  • Counseling in the area of utility models;
  • Searches for prior art;
  • Securing utility model protection in the Slovak Republic:
    • Drafting description of a utility model application;
    • Filing a utility model application and representation in proceedings before the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic (IPO SR);
  • Securing utility model protection abroad;
  • Maintenance of utility models:
    • Watching terms and deadlines and extending protection of a utility model;
  • Registration of assignments/successions in title, licences, liens, owner’s data changes, etc. into the Registry of IPO SR as well as into the Registries of foreign Patent Offices;
  • Representation in cancelation proceedings:
    • Filing requests for cancelation of utility models;
    • Defending client´s rights against filed requests for cancelation of the utility model;
  • Enforcement of utility model rights in judicial proceedings;
  • Defending rights of a client against an infringement and unfair competition conduct.