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A supplementary protection certificate protects medicinal products and plant protection products. A supplementary protection certificate may be granted only to an owner of a basic patent or to his legal successor in title. The maximum period of validity of the supplementary protection cerfificate is five years.

This period may be exceeded, if prescribed conditions are met, for another six months in case of medicinal products on which studies pursuant to experimental pediatric plan authorized by European Medicines Agency (EMEA) have been performed.

Services provided:

  • Counselling in the area of Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPC);
  • Securing SPC protection in the Slovak Republic:
    • Filing SPC applications and representation in proceedings before the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic;
  • Maintenance:
    • Watching terms and deadlines and payment of maintenance fees for SPC;
  • Registration of assignments/successions in title, licences, liens, owner‘s data changes into the national Registry of IPO SR;
  • Representation in invalidation proceedings:
    • Filing a proposal for invalidation of a basic patent and an SPC;
    • Defending the client against filed proposal for invalidation of a basic patent and SPC;
  • Enforcement of rights from SPC in judicial proceedings;
  • Defending rights of a client against an infringement and unfair competition conduct.