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A design is an outer appearance of a product or its part formed by specific features, such as lines, contours, colours, shape, structure, material or decoration. An aesthetic value of a product is protected by the design. Generally, all that is unique in its shape has a potential to be a registered design.The registered design is valid for five years from the date of filing a design application. The term of validity of the design may be extended upon a request of the design owner four times at most, each time for another five years. Maximum protection of the design is 25 years.

Providing services:

  • Counselling in the field of designs;
  • Searches;
  • Securing design protection in the Slovak Republic:
    • Preparing and filing a design application and representation in the proceeding before the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic (IPO SR);
  • Securing design protection abroad;
  • Extending validity of design registration:
    • Watching terms and deadlines and extending validity of registration;
  • Registration of assignments/successions in title, licences, liens, owner’s data changes, etc. into the Registry of IPO SR as well as into the Registries of foreign Patent Offices;
  • Representation in cancelation proceedings:
    • Filing requests for cancelation of designs;
    • Defending client´s rights against filed requests for cancelation of design;
  • Enforcement of design rights in judicial proceedings;
  • Defending rights of a client against an infringement and unfair competition conduct.