Within the European Union (EU) an application for a EU trademark can be filed. By means of the EU trademark registration its owner obtains a right for its use throughout the entire European Union as well as the right to prohibit the use of the trademark by third parties. An EU trademark owner has exclusive rights to label their goods or services, for which it was recorded in the Register, with the trademark, or use it in connection with such goods or services. The term of the EU trademark registration validity is ten years from the date of filing the application, and registration can be renewed, at the request of the trademark owner, each time for a period of ten years.

Services provided:

  • Trademark counselling
  • Identical or availability searches, earlier rights searches
  • Providing trademark registration in the European Union:
    • Preparing and filing applications for European Union trademark registrations
    • Representation in proceedings in the European Union Industrial Property Office in Alicante (EUIPO)
  • Extension of trademark registration validity
    • Checking terms and deadlines and extending registration validity
  • Recording of assignments/successions in title, licences, liens, owner´s data changes and the like into the Register of the EUIPO
  • Representation in cancellation proceedings in the EUIPO
    • Filing proposal for invalidation against a published application of the trademark
    • Representation of an applicant in proceedings against filed objections
  • Representation in cancellation proceedings in the EUIPO
    • Filing request for the cancellation of a trademark
    • Representation of an applicant in proceedings of trademark cancellation
  • Maintenance and protection of EU trademark rights
  • Exercise and enforcement of rights
 We advise

Consultations in the field of inventions, patents, utility models, trademarks and designs.

 We help

Find out all necessary information and submit applications to the relevant registration authorities.

 We protect

Rights protection against infringements, unfair competition conduct and enforcement of intellectual properties rights in judicial proceedings.



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